E.T. is Estong Tutong

E.T. is Estong Tutong 1983

A horror-comedy film that brought Chiquito a.k.a. Estong Tutong to fame. Estong was living a simple life when Teresa (Pia Moran) came. Teresa under his custody was at first easy until the reality about her person drove both of them to a world full of danger and conflicts. Teresa is an heiress but is surrounded by greeds and devils. Estong fell in love but his happiness did not last… because the one he loves is not mortal but belongs to a different world of wonders, happiness is not that easy to get.


Lock 1983

After her eleven year old daughter Cathy befalls a freak accident, Danielle is in a state of catatonic paralysis. Daily, she hears her daughter's voice, telling tell her that her disappearance was no accident. A multitude of supernatural event make progressively Roger, the father, and Fanny, wife of service, become aware of a presence in the house. One night, Roger and Fanny are persecuted by the presence of a devilish laugh that resembles the girl.

The Erotic Circus

The Erotic Circus 1969

Decadent swinging speed dealer Louie and his two lady friends Mary and Debbie decide to pay a visit to Louie's sister, who lives in a remote woodland area with her meek son Jamie and weird caretaker Yenos. However, things soon turn nasty when a killer decides to start bumping off the unwanted guests.



John and Sarah have it all. A happy marriage, two wonderful children, and a beautiful house in a picturesque neighborhood. They're truly living the American Dream, until the sun sets over their new home, and an unknown terror steps out of the shadows. Sarah is missing. A mysterious caller has their eyes set on the children. And a neighbor knows more than they'll admit. With the safety of his family at stake, John propels himself into a chaotic spiral of violence and blood of which he may never return, all to protect those he loves the most.

Tanjuska and the 7 Devils

Tanjuska and the 7 Devils 1993

A documentary about Tanjuska who is a 12-year-old White-Russian schoolgirl, with a face like an icon. Two years ago she stopped eating, then talking and finally she stopped growing. The village priest in Estonia has explained to the family that seven devils have made a home inside Tanjuska. These devils are giving her orders and only a daily ceremony can force the devils to leave the girl.

Those Days in the Heaven

Those Days in the Heaven 1980

Visions of a ghostly woman compel Sze An, a poor scholar, to go on a trip which leads him to the mysterious Cherry Estate, whose carefree inhabitants know nothing of the rest of the world.

Total Detox

Total Detox 2011

Young drug addict Martin is forced by his father to stop taking drugs. While he struggles with his addiction, there is a serial killer in the town, brutally massacring all drug addicts with axe. The only solution for Martin, how not to get murdered, is a total detoxification.

Angels of Death

Angels of Death 1993

When they were younger, a pair of beautiful sisters were forced to watch a bunch of thugs brutally kill their parents. Not bad enough? Well, OK then, they were also savagely raped. Now someone's going around slashing people up. Has one or both of the sisters lost it? A couple of police detectives try to find out.


Revestriction 1989

A woman sees the ceiling of her apartment begin to inexorably close in. She tries to escape, but her front door locks and her window is too high to jump. Panic ensues.

The Last Fly

The Last Fly 1989

A man pays local children to bring him flies. After having cut off their wings and legs, he sticks them on the walls of his apartment. When a prostitute appears at his door, he sees in her the final piece to his work.

It Took Guts

It Took Guts 1979

A teenage boy, troubled and alone wanders the grassy hills looking for something. He settles on a slope and searches for some activity to amuse him. He begins to pick pieces of his body off and taste them. This seems like a good thing to do. So he removes his eye, his face and finally his own guts and eats them all in an orgy of ecstasy and gore.

Zombie Nightmare

Zombie Nightmare 1993

A mad scientist! Four beautiful women! A sex-starved zombie! Lethal experiments! All this and more add up to Zombie Nightmare where helpless victims die, not once, but twice! In his desperate attempt to revive his cancer ridden wife from suspended animation, a deranged scientist abducts four innocent women and subjects them to lethal experiments! Will his wife live again at the expense of the other women?

Why Blood is the Color of the Night

Why Blood is the Color of the Night 1974

The poster promises visions of Satan's altar, an underground black mass, blood rituals of the undead, the birth of Satan's messiah, a dead village of the damned, the assassination of the Prince of Darkness and a zombie attack. Why isn't this available for viewing again?


Feral 2018

A wild animal attacks six medical students on a weekend hike in the woods. One by one, they become infected with a "feral disease", turning them into rabid, bloodthirsty creatures, and the vacation becomes a nightmare as they fight to survive each other.

Primal Instinct X

Primal Instinct X

Slate Crackbone has a new television show: Primal Instinct X. The goal of the show? Hunt down monsters, but it's hard to do that when everything is going wrong.